Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship

Palm Sunday – April 5, 2020

The following is intended to be an easy “Order of Worship” for you to lead yourself or your family through a time of personal/family worship. We may be separated and isolated from each other for a time, but around the world God’s people are still worshiping. Please join us as we worship our God and King together from where each of us are gathered in our homes. Please pray together, sing together and turn to God’s word together as we turn our hearts to Him.

Just follow the order and click on any links. The YouTube playlist will automatically proceed through each video. You may need to click the “Skip Ad” link on some videos (ads will be customized to different users and are not controlled or selected by DEFC staff).

  • April 5 Playlist   < Click Here

    • Opening Prayer – Joel Schroeder
    • Praise: “Awesome Is The Lord Most High” – by Chris Tomlin
    • Praise: “Jesus, There’s No One Like You” – by Sovereign Grace Music
    • Scripture Reading: Matthew 20:29 – 21:11
    • “The King’s Priorities” – Pastor Jeff Niles
    • Praise: “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” – by Thomas Chisholm and performed by Chris Rice
  • Take some time to conclude worship in a time of prayer.
    • Praise God for his goodness and for the ways that he has shown kindness to you this week
    • Pray for “for kings and all who are in high positions” as they address this global pandemic (1 Tim 2:2)
    • Remember to pray for those who are ill and suffering from COVID-19
    • Pray for business owners and those suffering from financial hardships as a result of this crisis
    • Pray for families adjusting to new ways of life
    • Pray for the disease to stop spreading
    • Pray for God’s people as we have opportunity to proclaim the good news of our risen Savior to a world looking for hope
    • Pray for yourself and your family that your focus may remain on Him through this challenging time and that these days will be opportunity for you to grow in His grace.


Thank you for joining us today and we’ll look forward to worshiping with you again next week.

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