Church Services Going Online

March 18, 2020

Dear Saints,

Thank you for how each of you are living out your faith in the context of the present international pandemic. Much of the world is in a panic. Many are living in a way that exploits others. Many are worrying about what tomorrow holds. But we are people of hope who have a certain future … and that changes the way that we live as citizens of another kingdom who are passing through this world. As I’ve visited with you, I am thankful for the love and compassion that you are demonstrating towards others in the midst of all of this.

Our church’s Leadership met on March 18 to discuss our response to the COVID-19 crisis.

1)      All services and programs are being physically postponed through end of March.

This includes Sunday services, Awana, small groups, Truth Singers, youth group and Bible studies.  The leadership will meet again on March 31 to reassess the advice and directives of health experts and our government officials. We will consider Palm Sunday and Easter services at that time.

2)      Church services will be available online

Watch online at for information about online worship and resources.

3)      Worship and ministry are still vital to the life of the church.

While we are temporarily hindered from gathering in one place there are many opportunities for us to stay connected.  Pick up the phone and check in with one another. Again, we’ll be making services in some form available on Sunday mornings and we want to encourage you to continue to make this a priority in your family’s life.

Online apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger make it easy for people to stay connected. We won’t be having meetings at the church for at least the next two weeks, but we encourage you to utilize some of these tools as we learn to do life and church a little differently for the time being.

4)      Our lives need to continue to reflect the magnificence of our great God and Savior.

Let compassion shine through each of us. This includes making sacrifices socially so that we can help protect those most vulnerable to this virus.

Continue to look for opportunities to serve and minister to one another. As more cases of the virus become known, this may mean buying groceries for someone and taking them to their doorstep. Maybe it will mean tenderly caring for those in your own home. Circumstances are changing every day. Keep your eyes open and your hearts soft.

Remember that the way we handle this crisis is a light to those in the darkness. So let us honor the authorities that God has put over us. Respect their requests and obey there mandates. And do all things without complaining. And pray for your leaders in government and otherwise.

Because Jesus lives,

Pastor Jeff