“The Mighty Hand of God”

The Mighty Hand of God

Moses’ account of the Exodus lays a foundation regarding God’s plan of redemption and salvation for his people. Ancient pharaohs used to speak of their strong conquering arm and boasted of their powerful might. It was one of the ways that they reminded the people of their servitude, something that the Israelites were all too familiar with during their bondage in Egypt. And so it is noteworthy that Exodus tells us that the Lord saved them from the hand of the Egyptians.

In fact, God uses that same terminology regarding himself and several times He compels Pharaoh and reminds the Israelites that it was the strong hand of the Lord that brought them out of that place. Throughout Israel’s history, this deliverance out of Egypt and through the Red Sea served as a foundation for God’s theology of salvation. The exodus served as a reminder of God’s character, of his justice and compassion, and of his desire to redeem a people for himself.

However, this pattern of deliverance and salvation also pictures for us how God has stretched out his arm to deliver us from sin and to save us by his mighty hand. Join us as we discover the character of your Creator and your Redeemer. Compare him to all others who make the claim that they are able to deliver by their power. Discover what this great God can do and realize the greatness of His Mighty Hand.

August 30: “Fearing God & Fearing Man” (Exodus 1)

September 6: “Delivered Out of the Water” (2:1-10)
September 13: “A Deliverer in Hot Water” (2:11-25)
September 20: “Delivered by ‘I AM’” 3:1 – 4:17
September 27: “War and Worship with the Deliverer” 4:18-31

October 4: “Who is YHWH? ” 5:1 – 6:9
October 11: “Who Will Obey YHWH?” Exodus 6:10 – 7:7
October 18: “What god Is Like YHWH?” Exodus 7:8 – 9:12
October 25: “Kings and Country” Exodus 9:13-35

November 1: “The Sacrifice of YHWH” Exodus 10:1 – 12:28
November 15: “Know YHWH…And Make That Known! ” Exodus 12:29 – 13:16
November 22: “YHWH’s Deliverance ” Exodus 12:17 – 14:31
November 29: “The Song of the Sea ” Exodus 15:1-21

December 6: “Bitter Water ” Exodus 15:22-27
December 13: “Bread from Heaven” Exodus 16:1-36
December 20: “God With Us” Exodus 17:1-7
December 27: “The Good That God Has Done” Exodus 17:8 – 18:27