“The Heart God Loves”

The Heart God Loves

Most people are more concerned with what others will think of them rather than being concerned with what God actually says to them. Josiah was a king who was not so concerned with what other people thought of him, but he was most concerned with God’s judgments. Josiah had a tender heart; he was soft toward God and he humbled himself before the Lord when he heard God’s message. Because of this, God says, “I also have heard you.”

In this series we examine the tender heart of Josiah and some of his contemporaries who faithfully sought after and served their God during a dark time of Judah’s history … and some contemporaries who hardened their hearts. Ours is a ministry in which we will witness either the tenderness of hearts humbled before God or we will watch as people harden their hearts toward his message. Our calling is neither negotiable nor is it for the faint of heart.

Come listen to some of the examples of the heart God loves and observe some of the things that God hates.

June 30, 2019: “The King of Procrastination” (2 Chronicles 33)
July 7: “Things God Hates” (2 Chronicles 32)
July 14: “Lessons from the Life of the Boy King” (2 Chronicles 34 – 35)
July 21: “Baruch: A Portrait of God’s Sovereignty” (Jeremiah 45)
July 28: “The Patient Hand of God, the Judge” (2 Chronicles 36)
August 11 : “Unsung Heroes” (Various Passages)
August 18: “Running with Horses” (Jeremiah 1, 12, 38)
August 25: “Plans to Prosper” (Jeremiah 29)
September 1: “Changed Hearts, Tender Hearts” (Ezekiel 11)