Sometimes we just need a good reminder.

A term paper. Devotions. An oil change. The dentist. Date night. Our minds often forget essential tasks. We all have our lists and we all have different ways of reminding ourselves of the things that are truly important.

Nothing reminds us of the indispensable matters of life like the end of life itself. That is why we listen more closely to the words of someone preparing to enter into eternity. In 2 Timothy we encounter the final letter of a mentor writing to a young pastor reminding him of the essentials.

Come observe the reminders of the things which are truly essential.

March 24, 2019: “Reminders” (2 Timothy 1:1-7)
March 31: “Never Ashamed of Christ” (1:8-14)
April 7: “Remember the Faithful” (1:15-17)
April 14: “Remember to Grow Up” (2:1-7)
April 21: “Remember Jesus, Risen from the Dead” (2:8-13)
April 28: “Never Ashamed of the Word” (2:14-19)
May 5: “Ready for Every Good Work” (2:20-26)
May 19: “People in the Last Days” (3:1-9)
May 26: “People of the Book” (3:10-17)
June 2: “Remember Your Calling” (4:1-5)
June 9: “Remember His Appearing” (4:6-8)
June 16: “Who Are You?” (4:9-18) – Elder Brian Schmidt
June 23: “Remember His People” (4:19-22)