So many people live life in the pursuit of happiness only to miss out on the joy that Jesus promises to those who lives their lives in faithful service to him.

Philippians, a letter written from imprisonment, was written by the apostle Paul to a church that had faithfully served along his side for many years. In the first chapter we gain a glimpse of Paul’s perspectives on ministry in the midst of suffering and within that glimpse we find a servant who was filled with rejoicing because of his partnership with others who proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As we begin our study of Philippians in our home fellowship groups, we’ll also examine the first chapter of Philippians as we encounter … perspectives.

October 26, 2014: “Perspectives on Service” (Philippians 1:1-2)
November 2: “Perspectives on Community” (Philippians 1:3-11)
November 9: “Perspectives on Evangelism” (Philippians 1:12-18)
November 16: “Perspectives on Suffering” (Philippians 1:18-26)