“Jonah: When God Loves ISIS as Much as Me!”

Jonah: When God Loves ISIS as Much as Me!

“When God Loves ISIS as Much as Me!”

Mercy! Love! Compassion!

“Yes! Thank you, Lord! Wait! For who?”

Join us in our journey through the ministry of a hesitant prophet called to share the message of God to an unlovable people. In a day of fakes, self-love and double standards, Jonah gives us a glimpse of the truth of what’s found in the heart. Jonah is a mirror that reveals the values of our culture as well as the values that may be found within ourselves.

Come. Discover the love and mercy God demonstrates toward you and the same love and mercy that he demonstrates toward the most unlovable and least worthy of his mercy.

July 8, 2018: “A Prophet to ISIS?” (Jonah 1)
July 15: “An Unholy Prayer” (Jonah 2)
July 22: “The Shortest Sermon” (Jonah 3)
August 5: “It’s the Little Things” (Jonah 4)