“Hey, Jude!”

In an age of positive thinking and a cry for world unity, Jude writes a letter to us about one battle that is worth fighting for. There are some hills that ARE worth dying on.

Jude would have liked nothing more than to write a letter about our common faith, but he was acutely aware that we have an enemy that wants nothing less than to pollute and manipulate that message. So in this small book of the Bible (only one chapter long) he issues a battle cry and commands us to “contend earnestly.”

Join us for the seven week series, “Hey, Jude!”:

January 12, 2014: “The Army: The Beloved of God” (Jude 1-2)
January 19: “The Battle: Contending for the Faith” (Jude 3-4)
January 26: “The Enemy” (Jude 5-7)
February 2: “The Enemy’s Error” (Jude 8-13)
February 9: “The Judgment: Avoiding their Eternity” (Jude 14-16)
February 16: “The Victory: Remaining in the Truth” (Jude 17-23)
February 23: “The King: Glory to God” (Jude 24-25)