“Finding the Providence of God”


Sometimes life takes turns that we don’t expect …
turns that we don’t like …
turns that make life taste bitter.
Finding God’s plan in the midst of pain, suffering,

and distress can even seem …

well, impossible.

Does God still take notice?

Does God care?

The book of Ruth is the account of a poor distressed widow who lost all that she had and was left without an heir to provide for her basic needs. From joy to bitterness she was left destitute of all she had once possessed.

Join us as we find the providence of God in a story of
rediscovering his loyal-love in the midst of distressing times,
redemption in the midst of kindness, and restoration on the path of God’s good and gracious plan.

August 3, 2014: “No Bread in the House of Bread” (Ruth 1:1-6)
August 10: “Encountering Bitterness on the Journey” (Ruth 1:7-22)
August 17: “Finding Favor in the Field” (Ruth 2)
August 24: “Reaping Rest after the Harvest” (Ruth 3)
August 31: “Restoration in the Path of Providence” (Ruth 4)