The last command that Jesus gave to his disciples was to make disciples. The Great Commission is what we do … we walk side by side as we do life together … we connect people with Jesus Christ, together we grow in our faith, and we love our God whom we worship and adore.

This next month, we will examine what it means to make disciples. We’ll observe the elements that Jesus gave to us in his farewell message and then we’ll look at some examples of those who got down into the dirt and did the work of discipleship.

As we move forward, each one of us needs to ask ourselves what role we are playing in fulfilling Jesus’ command. Where are we planting as we look forward to his return? How are we helping others to grow? And in what ways are we demonstrating our great love of the marvelous God that we serve.

January 8, 2017: “Doing Life Together” (Matthew 28:16-20)
January 15: “Walking in Timothy’s Sandals” (Acts 16)
January 22: “Walking with Barnabas” (Acts 13)
January 29: “Moving Forward with Paul” (Acts 19)