“Big ‘C,’ little ‘c’ “

Words have meaning. It is extremely difficult for human beings to communicate with one another when we define words differently or when someone assumes a meaning for a word that the other person understands another way.

In this series, we discuss three words used in the New Testament which are sometimes misunderstood because Christians don’t always define them the same way and because the Bible uses these words in different contexts: Church, Baptism, and Membership. We have chosen to look at some of these concepts because the members of our church are in the process of amending our bylaws. Most of the changes we have made are for reasons of punctuation or simply to make the grammar more clear. But there are a few issues which we have amended and rewritten because we believe that it is beneficial for us to clarify how the Bible approaches the way we do church and why we practice church membership the way we do in our culture, and particularly within the Evangelical Free Church of America.

April 10, 2016: “Church, Baptism, and Church Membership”
April 17: “A Covenant Community”