“Abraham: Following God’s Promise”

Abraham: Following God's Promise

It’s no accident that we remember Abraham as a champion of faith—he rightfully holds a prominent place among those we recognize as exemplary models of faithful living (Heb 11). Yet he, more than most biblical characters, also shows that following God’s promise—accepting God’s word and trusting Him in all circumstances—involves real human struggle.

Our journey of following God’s promises mirrors Abraham’s; we navigate the same twists and turns, ups and downs, false starts, and U-turns. Yet we can find encouragement in knowing that living by faith doesn’t require perfection—just persistence.

September 6, 2015: “The Gospel according to Genesis” (Gen 1-11)
September 13: “Stepping Out in Faith” (Gen 11:27 – 12:9)
September 20: “Fear versus Faith” (Gen 12:10-20)
September 27: “The Pilgrim Progresses” (Gen 13)
October 4: “A Lot to Gain” (Gen 14)
October 11: “Dealing with Doubt” Part 1 (Gen 15)
October 18: “Dealing with Doubt” Part 2 (Gen 16)
October 25: “Promising the Impossible” (Gen 17)
November 8: “Anything too Marvelous?” (Gen 18)
November 29: “Let’s Make a Deal” (Gen 18:16 – 19:38)
December 6: “The Road Most Traveled By” (Gen 20-21)
December 13: “The Final Exam” (Gen 22)